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Hirsch Selection Special Reserve 20YO

The ongoing shortage of bourbon whiskies has caused the elimination of age statements from the front labels of many American icons.  We proudly display the age and distillation date of Hirsch Selection ™ Special Reserve 20 year old American Whiskey.

This spectacular 20 year old Illinois Whiskey is truly worth of the Hirsch Selection ™ name.  This American whiskey was distilled from Bourbon Mash and left to age in used cooperage (oak barrels previously used for maturing spirits), a production totaling 120 casks—too few to support a standard bottling.  No one could foresee when the whiskey was stowed away on February 27, 1987, that these secreted casks in Illinois would turn out to be this classic American treasure some two decades later.

The 120 casks yielded a much lower quantity of whiskey than anticipated—the angles’ share after 20 years was higher than expected.  The remaining liquid is yours to enjoy or keep as an investment.  It is bottled at 96 proof.

Be sure to keep a bottle with your collection of exceptional spirits.  Each Hirsch Selection ™ whiskey can never be duplicated!

Rare Treasure: 20 YO American Whiskey

Limited Edition Illinois Whiskey

Saybrex unveils one of the best kept secrets of the industry:  A rare treasure of a 20 year old American Whiskey distilled from bourbon mash.

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