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Special Reserve (40% alc/vol) , with the lowest alcohol content of all the four types, is appealing to the beginning whiskey consumers.  It has a much lighter taste with a floral nose.  One can pick up hints of light spice, vanilla, oak, and nuts. It is used most in cocktails and by first time drinkers of Bourbon.

The Finest Bourbon in the World Comes from a Single Barrel

The Original (46.5% alc/vol) is the foundation for the Blanton’s family.  It is won international acclaim and it has become the standard by which all other premium bourbons are measured.  It has hints of vanilla, caramel, orange, and toffee.  It is a creamy citrus taste with hints of vanilla and oak.  Usually enjoyed on the rocks, straight up, or in premium cocktails.

Straight from the Barrel is bottled at cask strength and therefore its % alc/vol varies.  It has a full and rich taste with a long toffee and apple finish, leading to a soft buttery chocolate aftertaste.  Usually enjoyed straight up or on the rocks. 

The Gold (51.5% alc/vol) which is the most elegant and with the highest alcohol content, has a very creamy, almost chocolate taste.  You can taste nuts, oak, vanilla, and it has a creamy finish.  Best enjoyed straight up or with a slash of water to open it up a bit.  Can be served on the rocks.

Special Reserve


Straight from the Barrel


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